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Your Help Is Needed!

We hope you agree that parks are critical to having an enjoyable, thriving community…much like great schools and churches. Parks bring people together, being part of the undefinable glue that makes a community not only a “place”, but your hometown.
If you agree to the benefits of having children enjoy a multi-faceted park with adults spending quality family time…even seniors who enjoy strolling under the heavily-treed space, please help realize this exciting vision.

To realize this new play and entertainment space, funds are needed. Unlike the project to make improvements to Pugh Park, we’re relying on organizations and state agencies who offer grants, and most importantly, “friends of the park” who contribute private funds.

We hope you agree that parks are a critical aspect of a thriving community. Please join your neighbors to help fund improvements and by rolling up your sleeves to sustain the park, long-term.

Hope to see you soon…spinning on the playscape or around the pavilion dance floor.