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Christoval City Park

City Park has been home to generations of gatherings and events. During the late 1800's, after the Civil War ended, Confederate soldiers reunited to retell stories and heal from their bloody past. Later, they invited Union soldiers to join them...to recount their shared experiences and seek forgiveness from their brothers on the other side.

Over the years, "old-timers" have gathered to tell their stories...whether as Christoval school alumni, members of long-time Christoval families or invited guests. Now coined, "Christoval Remembers Reunion", the biennial gathering adds to other popular events including:

  • July 4th Firecracker Run, Bicycle, and Kayak Race-sponsored by Christoval Volunteer Fire Department
  • CISD events including the County Fair and end-of-year band concert-sponsored by the PTO and high school
  • Always popular Easter Egg Hunt-sponsored by the Christoval Community Chamber

The historic stage, constructed 60 years ago by the Lions Club, provides the focal point for entertainment and many activities.

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